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25 Reasons Why “Blurred Lines” Emily Ratajkowski Is The Breakout Music Video Vixen Of 2013

December 1st, 2013 | 9:00 am

by Jordan Runtagh

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Come on, is this really a contest? 22-year-old British-born model Emily Ratajkowski burst onto the scene this year with her steamy (and very controversial) NSFW turn in the music video for Robin Thicke‘s summer-dominating “Blurred Lines”. We wish we could say that it was through a stunning display of acting, dancing, singing, or some other show of talent that she stole our hearts and stayed on our minds. But…well, it was mostly through gyrating while wearing next to nothing. Oh well. Love or hate the video (there were plenty of folks who fell on both side of that argument), one thing is for certain: Ratajkowski is beyond gorgeous. And she’s got plenty on her plate to ensure that she’s the next big thing in 2014!

Yes, the beauty is determined to show us that she’s more than just a body, and plans to build on her goal of becoming a full-fledged fashionista. She elaborated during a recent interview with the New York Times. ”Whether I’m talking about a perfume, a movie or an editorial, there’s always a part of it that’s about me but an equal part that’s about the project,” she says. ”I want to be a brand.” And her dream doesn’t seem far off. We’ve got 25 reasons why Emily is the breakout video vixen of 2013!

1. She was named Esquire’s Woman of the Year by a landslide 64.6% vote!

2. She bagged the part of Ben Affleck‘s mistress in the upcoming David Fincher film, Gone Girl.

3. She’s appeared in television commercials for Nikon cameras and, most hilariously, hamburger slingers Carl Jr.’s.

4. She’s now the face of fashion purveyors rag & bone.

5. She made the cover of GQ Turkey, Treats!, and CR Fashion Book.

Need more proof? Head up to the gallery above for reasons 6 through 25!

[Photo: Twitter/Interscope]

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