Amber Portwood: Gary Shirley and His Wife Are Both Lying Losers!

Hey, remember when Amber Portwood started dating Dmitri Garcia, and everyone hoped it was a sign that she was finally ready to settle down and stop being a constant source of drama and disappointment for the people in her life?

Oh, how naive we were!

These days Amber and Dmitri are broken up, and Amber is back to her old, ultra-messy self.

(Actually, as of earlier today, Amber is claiming that she and Dmitri are back together, but c’mon … we all know that won’t last.)

Of course, relationship drama is nothing new for Amber, but these days she’s going back to her old ways, and attacking the only person who’s supported her through all her years of erratic behavior.

We’re talking, of course, about Gary Shirley.

Amber and Gary

It seems Amber is outraged over a comment made by Gary’s wife, Kristina, comparing Portwood to a teenager.

Now, obviously, Amber should be flattered by someone comparing her maturity level to that of a teenager’s but apparently, she took offense.

At first, it seems Amber thought she and Gary and Kristina were all on the same side, and Amber appears confident that the couple will help her refute rumors about a breakdown she allegedly suffered following the death of her dog, Madison.

“First of all, Gary has never been here every day of the week. He did not give me medicine even once; that’s not true,” Amber said in a recent Instagram Live session.

“When they came over here it’s because Madison was sick. Kristina cleaned the house for me. Maddy had puked everywhere,” she continued.

“[Gary] got medicine for Madison, not for me. He tried to change my medicine over; I said no. That’s what happened. And I paid for everything.”

Amber claimed that Gary was willing to corroborate her story, but then she posted a second Live in which she accused him of being a liar … wo se guess that didn’t work out.

“There’s not gonna be any more lies said about me anymore,” Amber said.

“This immaturity is ignorance, so I’m not gonna keep my mouth shut anymore. It’s not happening,” she continued.

“Gary did say that he was here every day for a week. No, sweetheart. That’s a lie. And you’re two-faced. And you’re wife’s two-faced, saying that I’m a teenager, like a teenage daughter.”

From there, Amber suggested that she’s been loaning money to Gary and Kristina.

“Well, how did that $7,500 feel, guys? It wasn’t child support,” she said

“How did that $500 feel when you cleaned my house because you said you needed a job, Kristina?

The clips have found a second life on Reddit, where Teen Mom OG fans have had a field day with them.

Many, of course, have pointed out that the house Amber keeps referring to is the one that’s owned b Gary and Kristins … where Amber lives rent-free.

“This bitch needs to stay offf social media. So embarrassing,” wrote one commenter.

“Is no one going to mention that it’s technically Gary and Kristinas house, my bet is they knew Amber wouldn’t clean it and didn’t want their rental destroyed. Easier to clean it now vs replace everything when/if she moves,” another added.

She is a teenager. She should know this, BPD is associated with immaturity,” a third chimed in.

Another commenter pointed out that Amber’s list of allies is rapidly shrinking:

“Welp she just lost the last two people on earth that seem to be there for her. I don’t feel bad for her. She deserves to be alone.”

Another suggested that Amber’s latest tirade was timed to coincide with the return of TMOG:

“Amber was silent for a long time and now that OG is back here she is doing her little rant. I think MTV manipulates her into potential ratings,” the commenter wrote.

“She is fucking dumb as a rock, mentally unstable, and an addict. I hate her, but I hate MTV more for continuing to air her, stir the pot, and drag her down even more,” this person added.

“What’s their end game for Amber? Suicide? Overdose?”

It’s difficult to say what exactly is going on here, but while we occasionally poke fun at Amber, it’s important for us to note that mental illness and addiction are serious issues, and we hope she’s able to find whatever kind of help she deserves.