Blythe Danner on hate for Goop: ‘people who sit on their asses all day’ are jealous

For those of you wondering how Gwyneth Paltrow turned out to be the smug arbiter of all things we can’t afford and aren’t supposed to eat, we may have our answer. I’ve heard people claim that Blythe Danner is a perfectly reasonable person and can’t possibly be responsible for her grown daughter’s personality. These latest comments by Blythe may blow that theory away, or maybe Goop’s smugness is wearing off on her mom. In a new interview with Naughty But Nice Rob, Blythe said that people who don’t like her daughter are just jealous:

On criticism of Goop
“I admire her so much. It (the criticism) doesn’t faze her. I think it probably did initially. She said, ‘Mom, I’m going to get this all my life. This is how they see me.’ I feel she’s just extraordinarily accomplished in every area and people don’t like that, some people don’t like that, people who are bored and sit on their asses all day and just tap away. I mean I don’t read any of it, I just find it so disgusting. There is a coarsening of our culture today that is just so tragic.”

[From Naughty But Nice Rob via Radar Online]

Amid the roundabout wording there is the basic crux of Blythe’s argument, and it’s something Goop has pretty much said herself. “You’re just jealous, fat and lazy if you don’t like me because I’m awesome.” That is not a direct quote, of course, but check this out. Gwyneth said, in 2009, that anyone who disliked her Goop project was unfulfilled and had a horrible life. “People get a hit of energy when they are negative and it is very detrimental for them. They do not understand why they do not have a happy life. That kind of stuff is just noise to me. I just feel sorry for them.” So now her mom is saying basically the same thing, in a more direct way. I think that solves the question of which came first: The Goop or The Danner?

Gwyneth may have learned not to directly trash her detractors, but she’s obviously talking about it to her friends and family and they’re parroting the Goopy line. At least this means that Gwyneth and her mom are talking. I got the sense when Goop was promoting her cookbook that she couldn’t stand Blythe. She talked about her late father constantly but barely mentioned her mother.

There are very few photos of Gwyneth and Blythe together. The header image is from 2009. photos credit:, and PRPhotos

In 2004: