Braunwyn Windham-Burke Once Offered “The Good Stuff” to Shannon Beador's 14-Year-Old Daughter

One of the weirdest moments of the RHOC Reunion special so far was Kelly Dodd getting defensive and attacking Andy Cohen.

Not surprising, just weird.

The most jaw-dropping moment, on the other hand, was when Shannon leveled her accusation at Braunwyn.

Did Braunwyn really offer drugs to Shannon’s 14-year-old daughter?

In Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s first season, Emily Simpson was the only one to suggest that she might have a real drinking problem.

At the time, Braunwyn was not ready to confront her alcoholism, and so she avoided Emily like the plague.

On the Season 15 premiere, Braunwyn apologized to Emily and told her on camera that she realized that she is an alcoholic, and was now sober.

At the Reunion special, Andy Cohen asked everyone if anyone besides Emily had harbored similar suspicions about Braunwyn.

Gina Kirschenheiter (a major MVP this season) was one of the first to admit that she “had no idea” about her castmate’s alcoholism.

But Shannon, who had previously foreshadowed that she had something to share about Braunwyn, spoke up.

“John and I spend a lot of time with Sean and Braunwyn,” Shannon opened up.

She clarified that they had spent time together, not in the summer of 2020, but in 2019.

“I [didn’t] know whether I was going to say this today, but as a mother, I’m going to,” Shannon announced.

“When my daughter Stella was 14 years old at her very first beach barbecue,” Shannon began.

Addressing Braunwyn, she said: “You went up to her and said, ‘Stella, if you want the good stuff, text me.’”

The implication behind those words is generally an offer of illicit substances like drugs, or at the very least, higher end liquor.

Stella and Adeline are twins shared by Shannon and her ex-husband, David.

The two teenage girls turned 16 in June of 2020.

The Beadors also have an 18-year-old daughter, Sophie. None of them are currently of legal drinking age, and they were not of drinking age in 2019.

Braunwyn had visibly braced herself, indicating that she knew that this was coming.

Before she could verbally reply to Shannon, the mother of seven burst into tears.

The episode ended before she could reply … but of course, Part 2 of the Reunion is sure to show more.

“I honestly have no idea [if I said that to Stella],” Braunwyn confided on social media recently when asked about this. “I was drinking at the time.”

“I’ve heard from her what happened and made amends,” she affirmed.

Braunwyn added: “I’ve since heard a very different version of what happened which isn’t at all what she said from someone I trust though.”

One of the perils of substance abuse isn’t about liver damage or missing out on milestones.

It’s about the things that you might say or do while under the influence.

For many people who struggle with addiction, their wake up call isn’t an intervention from a friend … it’s saying or doing something that they can never take back.

Whatever Braunwyn actually said to Stella on the beach that day, we are relieved that no one was actually harmed.

Who can say what was going through her then-under-the-influence mind when she spoke to Stella — it is even possible that Braunwyn hoped to keep Stella out of harm’s way, but her words came out garbled.

Perhaps she can explain on Part 2, but … well, let’s just say that we are all very glad that Braunwyn is now sober.

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