#CuteAnimalTweetOff is Everything America Needs Right Now

Donald Trump’s America is a scary place.

It’s one in which Muslims feel scared to walk the streets and facts lose all semblance of importance and actual meaning.

But it’s still a place in which adorable animals reside, and where these adorable animals can still put a smile on the faces of all who gawk at them. 

We were reminded of this non-alternative fact after the Washington, D.C. zoo Tweeted a photo of a four-day-old female seal pup in order to announce the little guy’s birth.

From there, a Norfolk, Virginia woman threw the down the gauntlet, challenging the Virginia Aquarium to give us its most precious example of a resident.

And then back and forth the places went, until citizens were once again given a reason to remain hopeful about the country in which they live…

1. The Tweet That Started It All

The tweet that started it all
Really, this would have been enough. Just ogling this young fella would have made us feel better about the universe.

2. But Then…

But then
… national hero Sarah Hill stepped in. She challenged her local aquarium to enter the adorable fray. And we were off!

3. Challenge Accepted!

Challenge accepted
With an otter/osprey combo? Well played, aquarium.

4. A Bornean Orangutan Infant?

A bornean orangutan infant
And he’s endangered?!? Good luck topping this, aquarium.

5. Fold?!?

They just went all in, with a TINY TURTLE!

6. That’s the Best You’ve Got?!?

Thats the best youve got
We don’t even need to say a word in response. A simple action will suffice.

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