Eddie Cibrian: ‘You gotta have faith, and we have faith in our relationship’


I completely forgot that LeAnn Rimes sang the National Anthem at the Indy 500 this holiday weekend. So here are some assorted photos from the event (some from her Twitter). Did it go off without a hitch? I have no idea. I’m assuming all went well. I have to admit, I like LeAnn’s hair more now that it’s longer. I’m sure she’s wearing a weave, of course, but I think the length suits her.

Meanwhile, LeAnn is promoting her marriage – I mean, she’s promoting her VH1 reality show in a new interview with Us Weekly:

Ready for reality, kids? LeAnn Rimes and husband Eddie Cibrian spoke with Us Weekly on Tuesday, May 20, about the latest developments in their two-year marriage, including their upcoming VH1 reality series, and potentially wanting to expand their family with kids of their own.
The ever-affectionate couple, at the Bacardi Rum and Vice Celebrate Cuban Independence Day in NYC, gave some Us some insight on their show. “Good times! We had fun,” Rimes, 31, said, as she cozied up beside the Cuban-American actor, 40.

Cibrian — possibly alluding to his ex-wife Brandi Glanville’s Real Housewives filming — joked, “I mean, look. You can expect a lot of drinking and a lot of fights and we throw a lot of s— at each other and it’s a debacle. It’s horrible.”

“It’s like every other reality show,” added Rimes. “There’s a lot of heart to it but there’s also a lot of laughs. Eddie and I are very much that way in our relationship. We have a lot of humor between the two of us and give each other s— a lot, so you see that.”

She added that fans will be surprised by how normal their dynamic is as a couple.

“People read about us constantly and it’s so opposite of who we are,” the singer said of her relationship, which started on less-than-favorable circumstances after Cibrian cheated with Rimes on Glanville five years ago. “I think people really think we take ourselves seriously,” Rimes continued. “It’s so opposite of that but no one ever gets to see it. Other than the reason of us wanting to work together and be home with the kids, why not have fun and poke fun at everything that’s gone on for the last five years.”

Viewers will soon learn that these two are in it for the long haul. “Honestly it’s not giving up on each other,” Rimes said of her marriage. “I think that plays a really big part,” added Cibrian. “You gotta have faith, and we have faith in our relationship.”

Part of their future plans may include expanding their brood! Cibrian, already dad to sons Mason and Jake (whom he shares with Glanville) enthusiastically quipped “Oh yeah! Sure!” when he was asked about having more kids.

“He’s the best Dad already,” gushed Rimes. “I have a little bit of experience with the kids now so, I feel like I wouldn’t be too crazed. It doesn’t feel like a real first, first!”

Joking, Cibrian added, “Look, maybe we should just get another dog and then see how that goes.” The playful banter continued with Rimes chiming in, “It’s harder than babies actually! Potty training [dogs] is way worse!”

[From Us Weekly]

This sort of interview always makes me feel sorry for LeAnn a little bit. Eddie really, really, REALLY does not want to have any more kids. And I sat here for a second, idly wondering if Eddie doesn’t want any additional kids or whether he just doesn’t want to see LeAnn as a mom. Think about it – Eddie has seen LeAnn’s shenanigans up-close now for six years. Maybe he doesn’t want to see all of that with pregnancy hormones and then having to take care of a baby. A baby that will pull focus from LeAnn’s whirlwind of self-perpetuating drama. Just a thought.

Photos courtesy of Getty, LeAnn’s Twitter.