Is Tom Cruise ‘smitten’ & ‘on cloud nine’ after a hot date with Laura Prepon?

Tom Cruise

Is anyone else surprised that Tom Cruise hasn’t rolled out his Wife 4.0 yet? He and Katie Holmes settled their divorce over a year ago, and Tom has stayed single even though he’s so lonely and miserable. His team of crack Scientologists must have advised him to keep a lid on his libido until everyone forgets all about that wife-shopping exposé from Vanity Fair. Plus he’s so focused upon losing his pants and acting like a tool in his anti-tabloid crusade, which probably doesn’t aid his reputation as a ladies’ man.

The big rumor in the spring was that Tom would have debuted a new romance on Father’s Day, but that didn’t happen. He was also hotly and very publicly pursused by SI model Jessica White (also a Scientologist), but Tom wasn’t interested. He’s probably done with tall ladies, but he would be wise to shop within the CO$ for future romances.

Conveniently, there’s a new story about Tom romancing Laura Prepon. She seems perfect for the role, doesn’t she? Long-time Scientologist who is semi-famous but not too successful in her own career. I wish this story was true, but I have a feeling that it isn’t because the original source is Grazia. Oh well, let’s do this anyway:

Tom Cruise is reportedly dating Laura Prepon.

The Valkyrie actor – who was previously married to Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes – is said to have asked the Orange is the New Black star out on a date after being “fascinated” by his fellow Scientologist for a long time.

A source told the new UK issue of Grazia magazine: “Tom has known Laura for a few years now and they are all in the same social group that includes John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston.

“He’s always been fascinated by her and, since seeing her in Orange Is The New Black, that has turned into an attraction. So he bit the bullet and asked her out on a formal date.”

Tom, 51, and Laura enjoyed both their first and second dates at a restaurant in The Manor Hotel, a Scientology retreat, and the actor is said to be “smitten” after pulling out all the stops to impress the 33-year-old beauty.

The source continued: “It may seem like an odd choice but it’s a top restaurant called the Renaissance serving French/Californian cuisine.

“He had her picked up in a vintage car, knowing it was one of her favourites, and had pre-ordered a vintage bottle of 1979 merlot, which was on the table when she arrived. They spent three hours laughing and joking. It’s clear Tom is smitten and after the date he was on cloud nine.

“They had their second date at the restaurant too, meeting for Sunday brunch and she then accompanied him a few days later to a dinner party at John and Kelly’s home.”


If this story is true, then we now know Tom Cruise has a fetish for women-in-prison programming. That’s a nice mental image, isn’t it?

I honestly don’t buy this tale. The original source is suspect, and I feel like Tom will take his next girlfriend on his own terms. He’ll come out blazing with a series of staged pap pics, and the tabloids will probably have to scramble to catch up with Tom’s own press machine. Will Tom’s eventual new lady be Laura or someone like her? Maybe, but not right now.

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