Jenelle Evans: My Haters Want Me to Relapse and Die From an Overdose

Often when we talk about Jenelle Evans, we feel the need to distinguish between acceptable criticism and inapproprriate trash-talk.

It can be hard to know where to draw that line, because Jenelle is one of the most hated reality stars of all time, and frankly, she deserves to be.

Jenelle is a racist with violent tendencies and a history of abuse toward children, animals, and anyone who she thinks is too weak to fight back.

In short, she’s the kind of person who makes the world a worse place for the rest of us.

And because of that, it’s critically important that in oiur discussions of Jenelle, we never stoop to her level.

For example, bashing her appearance or the past traumas that helped warp her into the villain we know today are both unacceptable modes of criticism.

Is that the sort of behavior Jenelle would engage in? Absolutely.

And that should be all the explanation you need to understand why it’s so repugnant.

Before you comment on one of her posts, ask yourself WWJD? — what would Jenelle do? — and then do the opposite.

We mention all of this as a preface to a story that finds Jenelle being victimized by an Instagram commenter who is way, way out of line.

(That’s another reason not to bully Jenelle — it forces us to defend her!)

Evans shared a screen shot of a DM in which a particularly vicious troll brutally berated her before wishing death upon her.

Jenelle's DM

“You’re literally the biggest piece of s–t I have ever watched on TV, f–king junkie you are literally the definition of a mom that someone should never have,” the itate messenger wrote.

“You deserved the worst life could possibly offer you. You f–king scumbag, what made you think it was a good idea to have more kids?” he continued.

It was then that the user really went too far:

“I wish relapse on you. You deserve to f–king die,” he wrote.

We know these are divisive times, and there are very few issues on which all Americans can find common ground, but can we at least all agree that wishing relapse and death on a former heroin addict is never okay?

Love hate, hate her, or really hate her, Jenelle is a mother of four, and losing their mom at this point in their lives is probably the only thing that could mess them up more than continuing to be raised by Jenelle.

Believe it or not, the insanity didn’t end there, as the troll decided to offer up a bit of uncolicited biographical info.

“Flush 10 years down the drain please because I’m sitting her watching this show with my baby mom and u remind me of my sons mother who took off and left him with me when he was 5 days old and now he’s 2 u deserve to f–king die.”

We’re guessing this is a result of the fact that Teen Mom 2 is on Netflix now, which means that people like this random a-hole are just now seeing it for the first time and having very emotional reactions.

Whatever the case, Jenelle was surprisingly mature in her response response, writing, “Give him some love. He needs it” over the screen shot.

And folks, that’s yet another reason that you should never stoop to Jenelle’s level:

You give her the chance to be the bigger person, and Jenelle should never have the chance to be the bigger person.