Jenelle Evans Reacts to Custody Ruling: I Will Get Them Back! [EXCLUSIVE]

It has been a crazy couple of weeks on The Land.

A murdered dog. A visit from CPS. Displaced children. Rumors. Doubts. Twists. Turns. Bombshell court hearings.

Just yesterday, the judge overseeing the case announced his final decision on who should have custody of the children.

The news wasn’t what the Easons wanted to hear – temporary custody was officially granted to the kids’ current guardians.

There’s been A LOT going on, and your friends at The Hollywood Gossip have done our best to keep you posted on every last bit of it.

And now we have Jenelle’s exclusive statement on the shocking court decision. How’s she holding up? What’s her next step?

Let’s break everything down and find out.

1. Here We Go

Jenelle evans is sad
This week, something huge happened. Something Teen Mom fans have been gossiping about and obsessing over for the past few weeks, and which we’ve watched play out before our eyes in the news and on social media. If you’re reading this now, you know what we’re talking about.

2. Oh Man

Jace ensley and kaiser
This week, a judge decided if Jenelle and David would regain custody of their children.

3. Dang

Jenelle evans with family at cheerleading competition
It’s a big deal, right? Probably the biggest deal out of all of Jenelle’s deals, which is really saying something.

4. Seriously Though

Jenelle evans and child
How did we get to this point in such a short amount of time? After all, this time last month, Ensley, Kaiser, Maryssa, and Jace were all with Jenelle at her home.

5. A Look Back

Jenelles chicks
Let’s take a moment to recap, because a whole, whole lot has happened.

6. Uh Oh …

Jenelle evans and nugget
This whole mess started a few weeks ago, when David killed Nugget, Jenelle’s French bulldog.

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