Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux to ‘live separately,’ bicoastal for six months?


Did you see LaineyGossip’s post yesterday about Jennifer Aniston’s possible baby bump? Aniston made a surprise appearance Monday night at a tribute for famed director James Burrows (he directed more than a dozen episodes of Friends). Jennifer wore a really ugly, unflattering double-breasted suit thing and now people are wondering if she was hiding a baby bump. I’m included the video below – skip ahead to about the 43:20 mark.

What is that? Lainey thinks it could be a mic pack. Some think it could be a legit baby bump. Other theories: she’s put on some weight in her mid-section. Or maybe that’s just a really hideous, unflattering jacket and Aniston wore it on purpose because she loves to bump-bait everyone. Or it could be any number of combinations of all of these things.

But it’s not all babies and hideous jackets for Aniston these days. Considering all of the gossip just a few months ago – remember the People Mag cover? – I do think Justin Theroux and Jennifer were and perhaps are having some issues. One of those issues continues to be Justin’s longing to be back in New York and Jennifer’s complete rejection of all things New York. So what will happen when Justin is filming his new HBO series (it was picked up for 10 episodes) in New York? Huh.

Jennifer Aniston and her fiancé will apparently lead “bi-coastal lives” for the next six months.

Actor-and-producer Justin Theroux’s TV project The Leftovers has been commissioned for a ten-part series by HBO. Shooting is slated to begin in a few weeks and will take six months, meaning Justin will be based in New York City while Jennifer remains in Los Angeles.

“Ever since Justin started working on The Leftovers this has been on the cards. And while Jennifer had initially considered uprooting from LA for the majority of the period, she now wants to stay put in LA and share the burden of travelling back and forth at weekends,” a source told British magazine Grazia. “There have been a lot of heated fights on the matter, but ultimately Justin doesn’t want to push it too far, it’s a precarious situation, but it looks like they will be leading separate bi-coastal lives.”

Jennifer seemingly has no interest in relocating to New York, having previously described the city as like “living in a fishbowl”. Her desire to stay on the West coast, while Justin prefers being on the East coast, has reportedly caused issues between them. Even though Jennifer’s schedule is believed to be lighter from November, she wants to remain in Los Angeles.

“He would love nothing more than to have Jen with him when he’s working in New York, especially as she’s going to be quite free for a while. Jennifer is OK staying there if she’s working, but wants to spend downtime at their new Bel Air mansion,” the insider added. “Last time she was in Manhattan she felt panicky and claustrophobic.”

There has been much speculation about when the pair will eventually tie the knot. They got engaged in August last year, but failure to agree on where to set up home, along with extensive work on their Bel Air mansion, are said to have postponed the nuptials. It now seems Justin’s work on The Leftovers will further delay their wedding plans.

“This move is certainly going to put wedding plans on hold until 2014. There’s no talk of calling it off, but everything is seriously on the back-burner and the focus now is on how they’ll divide their time and make it work during the next six months,” a source revealed. “It’s far from ideal and everyone’s hoping they’ll make it work.”

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Yeah, it’s from Grazia and that means this story is far from a slam-dunk. But what’s weird is that this story seems completely in line with what Us Weekly and People Mag have been reporting for months now – Justin wants to be in NYC, Jen doesn’t. Justin doesn’t understand why every single part of their lives has to be solely on Jen’s terms. And Jen’s all, “WTF, I’m paying the bills around here. Servant boy, I mean, Justin… another Mojito!!”

So, basically, Jen is going to be a single mother!! *sob*



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