Jennifer Aniston’s ‘makeover’ is part of a master plan to look ‘edgy’ for Justin


If you couldn’t tell by the recent spate of “selfies” which have included Jennifer Aniston, Aniston is in the throes of an image makeover. Sort of. It doesn’t seem so much like an image evolution as much as it seems like a 40-something woman experimenting with styles that “all the kids are trying.” She tried a radical hair treatment which burned off half her hair and she had to cut her hair into a bob afterwards. She got her ear cartilage pierced. She spent Thanksgiving with Taylor Swift’s BFF Ed Sheeran (the kids love Ed Sheeran!) instead of her fiancé Justin Theroux. It does feel like something is up… but maybe it’s not the same something we’re thinking. My first reaction was “a breakup announcement is coming,” but maybe Jennifer is just going through a mid-life crisis of sorts and she’s finally ready to shake up her same-old image?

Jennifer Aniston‘s new look is no accident — a source reveals to her shorter hair and piercings are part of a determined plan to give herself an edgy makeover and once again become a fashion icon. In fact, Aniston’s new style guru Kate Young is behind the change and fans can look forward to much more to come!

“Jen’s new look is far from the nonchalant boredom-driven choice that she’s playing it off to be,” an insider dished. “This change is entirely the creation of Kate, who is so influential in the New York fashion magazine scene. Kate will make sure magazines are using models with Jen’s new hairstyle and overall look by February.”

Aniston recently debuted a short A-line bob hairdo: As has reported, Aniston said the cut was a necessity after her hair was damaged by a Brazilian Blowout.

She also shrugged, “I was ready for a change.”

In addition, the former Friends star said she spontaneously decided to get an upper ear cartilage piercing. But the source told Radar it’s all part of a master plan, in part sparked by her fiance Justin Theroux‘s bad ass style.

“Kate and Jen planned to match her style with Justin’s a little bit more. But also, they really want to see how far they can push the rest of America. Kate has reignited Jen’s interest in being America’s primary hairstyle and fashion trendsetter.”

That means everything must go! Incredibly, the source reveals that Jen will be throwing out some of her $5,000 cocktail dresses that have won her red carpet raves.

“Jen cuts up some of her expensive clothes and puts them in the recycling bin because she doesn’t want them to end up on EBay,” the source added. “Her wardrobe now has a lot more jeans and boots as she’s making room for Kate’s new styles.”

[From Radar]

This is idiotic: “Jen cuts up some of her expensive clothes and puts them in the recycling bin because she doesn’t want them to end up on Ebay.” Why not sell those clothes and give the money to charity? You could even do an Ebay auction and raise money for St. Jude’s, which is Jennifer’s big charity, right? As for the image change up stuff… sure. Some call it an attempt to “push America” into an edgier style (ha!), some call it a mid-life crisis. Same thing. I think Jennifer’s bob haircut, cartilage piercing & youth-befriending is the female equivalent of a 40-something dude getting a sports car.



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