Jennifer Hudson To Ex-David Otunga – ‘GET A JOB!’ + Jill Scott’s Husband Reportedly Wants Prenup Thrown Out, Half Her Earnings & More

Chile, these soon-to-be ex-husbands of powerful women are something else. Singers Jennifer Hudson and Jill Scott are going through it. Get the latest on their pending divorces inside…

Maybe “marrying down” (others’ people term, not ours, miss us with the hate comments) isn’t the best thing when there’s a breakup. And these two singing divas are feeling the wrath.

Jennifer Hudson is fed up with her estranged fiance David Otunga. And with good reason.

She wants him to get a JOB while they continue working out the custody kinks in court. You’ll recall, David was granted temporary custody of their son David Jr. due to the fact that the “Spotlight” singer has traveling a lot for work. The award winning actress/singer also had a restraining order against her ex, but eventually dropped it.

The Blast got ahold of court documents that say JHud plans to file a motion to force David to “seek employment” and “maintain a job diary.” It’s reported she will not file the motions publicly, however she will present them to the judge later this month. Not only that, she’s also seeking an order to seal their case.

It shouldn’t be too hard for the former WWE star to find work. He reportedly has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and he once worked at Columbia University’s Cognitive Neuroscience Center. He also graduated from Harvard Law School and even passed the bar in Illinois. It’s also reported David does commentary for WWE, but it appears that’s not enough for JHud.

Guess he better start that job search!

And there’s more….

In another filing, “The Voice UK” judge is gunning to have David’s motion to have her sanctioned for being in contempt of court tossed out.

David isn’t the only one on some f*** ish…

Jill Scott’s estranged husband Mike Dobson must have fell and bumped his whole head with all these divorce demands.

You’ll recall, the “Golden” singer filed for divorce in September 2017 after 15 months of marriage, citing “irreconcilable differences” and “inappropriate marital conduct that such further cohabitation would be unsafe and improper.”

After the filing, Mike did an interview, calling Jill “evil” and controlling. Now, he wants her to pay up!

According to Bossip, Mike wants the prenup thrown out. Why? Well he claims he was pressured into signing and that he did not have an attorney there on his behalf. He claims the prenup is invalid because he signed it under duress and without a lawyer.

During their marriage, Mike said Jill treated him poorly (more like an employee), went out on dates with “intimate male friends,” and one day she put all of his things out in the garage and changed the locks. Bloop.

For all his “pain and suffering” he endured throughout the 15-month marriage, he wants $500,000. He also feels he’s entitled to HALF of their marital assets, wants her to pay his lawyer fees and he’s asking that Jill be ordered to NOT speak about their divorce to the media. Luckily, they didn’t have any children together.

THIS guy…

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