Jill Duggar Plays “Obedience Game” with Kids, Is Accused of “Cult Brainwashing”

Jill Duggar has garnered many headlines of late for being critical of her parents.

In particular, Duggar has dragged her dad for being too strict, too controlling and even for flat-out stealing money from her and her husband.

Now, however, Jill may need to take a look in the mirror and ask herself a pressing and important question:

Does she need to work on her own parenting?

A whole bunch of critics think so in the wake of Jill sharing a number of Instagram photos of her two sons, Samuel and Israel.

In the videos, Duggar explains to the camera that she and the boys are playing an obedience game because the toddlers “were having a hard time responding quickly this morning with ‘yes ma’am.'”

There’s nothing wrong with disciplining one’s kids, of course.

But many viewers took a look at this footage and questioned whether the boys should really be punished for not immediately addressing their mother in the way Jill states above.

Jill Duggarkid

In one of these social media message, Jilll showed off the tasks she had set up for the children — which included “giving them a simple fun command,” “making sure they say ‘yes ma’am’ before leaving,” and “report back to her for their next command.”

She said the boys were having a blast.

She said they enjoyed this so-called game.

However, not all followers believed her. Or thought her decision-making here was very sound an/or appropriate.

Jill Duggar2

“Jill has a lot of cult brainwashing she still needs to work through! This is not ok!” screamed on follower, while another added:

“I would be horrified to have my child calling me ma’am.”

A third person compared the game to “blanket training,” which is something that the Duggars practice and also something that has drawn ire as a punishment technique.

“Obedience training is for animals,” a fourth user said.

huge jill d slam

Yet another chimed in as follows;

I find this truly disturbing. My four kids have great manners and don’t talk back (mostly) but I absolutely hate this obedience s**t.

We have to encourage our kids to have individual personalities and not blindly obey.

It leaves children very vulnerable to predators. I think Jill needs to continue her counseling as disappointingly the cult brainwashing is real!

Jill Duggar3

As always, it seems like a dangerous and unhealthy idea to judge strangers for how they decide to parent.

There’s no physical abuse going on here.

We have no idea what the emotional or mental state of the boys could be, but they look pretty darn happy and healthy in these photos, do they not?

Jill Duggar4

Jill is admittedly estranged from her own mother and father and has said she won’t make the same mistakes with her children that Jim Bob and Michelle made with her.

Could that be all talk? Of course.

But can we maybe give people the benefit of the doubt?

Can we refrain from dragging them so hard online when we aren’t privy to key pieces of information about what happened… how the kids are feeling… how they’re reacting … and … well… basically anything at all outside of a few pictures?