Kim Kardashian Wedding Dress Debate: Kanye vs. Kris!

Kim Kardashian married Kanye West this weekend in Florence, promising to love and cherish the rapper and remain loyal to him and blah… blah… blah.

The vows and the setting and the speeches were nice and all, but let’s be honest:

All anyone really cares about is Kim’s wedding dress, right?

Fortunately, E! News hooked us up with a photo of this Givenchy gown earlier today. It’s stunning – but is it the most stunning wedding down Kim has ever worn?

Compare her latest look to the one from her nuptials to Kris Humphries now:


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Yes, Kim has been married more than once.

She’s also slept with more than one guy.

These are the dudes, that we know of, who have given it to Kim Kardashian… if you know what we mean!

T.J. Jackson

T.J. Jackson, Michael’s nephew, was Kim’s first love. It’s believed that he was her “first” in the physical sense as well.