Oscars Replace Hot Models With Contest Winners!

oscars models film students

The Oscars are going for a different vibe this year, breaking tradition all over the place!

The next one to go? Models!

Oscars co-producer Neil Meron says:

“This tradition of the buxom babe that comes out and brings the trophy to the presenter to give to the winner seemed to be very antiquated and kind of sexist, too.

They’re just there to be objectified. Why can’t we have people who actually care about film and are the future of film be the trophy presenters?”

Hear hear! So who did they get to replace the leggy ladies? Film students! Film schools all across the nation participated in a contest, but in the end there could only be six lucky winners!

Marine Corps veteran Jennifer Brofer is ecstatic! She says:

“For a film student to be at the Oscars is huge. This is where we aspire to be one day.”

Hearin Ko, a student from Seoul, Korea, says:

“Hollywood has always been a dream that was so far away. To finally be here and see everything, it brings the dream closer to me.

This can really happen if I try hard. It’s not as far as I thought it was.”

Nope! It’s just a hop, skip, and a dream away! Well, unless you’re a model. LOLz!

[Image via Twitter.]

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