Pat Robertson: Low-Carb Diets Are an Affront to God

Pat Robertson has already come out against gays, saying some spread AIDS on purpose.

He’s also taken wives to ask, blaming them for their cheating husbands.

And now the 83-year old televangelist has issued a warning to anyone cooking up an Atkins or Paleo recipe: you are totally dissing God!

Pat Robertson Slams Diets as Anti-God

In yet another impossible-to-believe segment on The 700 Club this week, Robertson told the story of some dude named Jimmy Moore who lost 180 pounds by cutting out carbs.

And what’s the matter with such a healthy move?

“You get all kinds of problems where you ache like crazy,” Robertson said of the diet. “That’s the truth of it, if you don’t have some carbs in there. The carbs are the fire that burns everything.

“Sooner or later, it violates the principles that God set down.”

Sure, but probably later. Much, much, much, much later.

Robertson also once told a caller to move to Saudi Arabia so he could legally beat his wife.