Piper Kennedy Outs Herself as Inspiration for #StarbucksDrakeHands Video

We must admit, #StarbucksDrakeHands guy: You have some pretty good taste in women.

Earlier this week, a Starbucks barista named Brody Ryan went viral after he got a girl’s number at work and proceeded to send her the world’s most misguided seduction video (below).

Now, model/actress Piper Kennedy revealed that she was the one who gave Ryan her digits, prompting him to send her an MMS of himself listening/posing to Drake‘s “Hold On, We’re Going Home.”

“I was at a Starbucks in West Hollywood after an audition a couple of weeks ago, and I met him… he’s a good-looking guy,” the 20-year-old told Ryan Seacrest today on his radio show.

“And he seemed totally normal. I think he’s a musician actually. We chatted for a little bit and I gave him my number, and a couple of hours later I get a text and I see that video.”

What we her reaction to it?

“I did not even know what to think. I was so uncomfortable and laughing hysterically… at the same time.”

Kennedy said the pair engaged in typical “guy-girl” banter for about 10 minutes before she handed over her number. She then sent the strange video to a record producer pal in New York City and it all blew up from there.

The video racked up hits and countless individuals parodied Ryan’s expressions and movements online.

Fortunately, Kennedy says Ryan handled his unexpected notoriety very well.

“He sent me a text and I called him back and I apologized,” she told Seacrest. “But he took it in really great spirits, which is great. I’m sure that we will end up seeing each other again at some point because there are people wanting to see us together in person.”

So a pretty, unknown, aspiring actress just happened to be at the center of an Internet storm? And then called Ryan Seacrest to explain her side of the story?

And is now admitting she may be seen in public with the odd dude who started it all? Does anyone else smell publicity stunt here?