Sublime With Rome's Weed Confiscated — Linkin Park Ratted Us Out to the Cops!


Sublime with Rome
had their weed confiscated this weekend in Arizona … and they have Linkin Park‘s posse to blame for it. 

According to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, security for Linkin Park approached off-duty deputies at the KMFA Day concert at Tucson Electric Park on Saturday. The sheriff”s report says the security guard told deputies that members of Sublime were smoking weed. 

The report — obtained by TMZ — says the guard dropped the dime because one of the members of Linkin Park was allergic to marijuana smoke. When deputies went to confront Sublime With Rome, they found their dressing room empty … but did find “several bags of marijuana.”

The deputies took custody of the pot — as well as some rolling papers, a pipe, and a few roaches.

A rep for Sublime With Rome tells TMZ … Linkin Park felt badly and offered to replace the weed that was taken. But the rep says the band refused and is still pretty pissed off about the whole thing.

Mike Shinoda from LP tweeted a denial of the sheriff’s report … claiming no one from his band’s entourage turned rat.