The X Factor Results: Who Got the Axe?

Forget Black Friday.

For two X Factor finalists, last night became Black Thursday after they were given the boot from Season 3 of this Fox competition.

Goodbye, Lillie McCloud

The hour kicked off with Mario Lopez announcing Lillie McCloud had received the least number of overall votes and – poof! – she was simply gone from the show.

After a number of other artists were deemed safe, it then came down to Josh Levi and Rion Page to battle it out for survive.

Page sang Pink’s “Perfect” with hopes of remaining, while Levi went with Bruno Mars and “When I Was Your Man.”

Paulina and Kelly voted for Rion, Demi and Simon went for Josh… and we were left with a deadlock. Therefore, the decision went back to the viewers and that was bad news for Levi.

He failed to make the Top  and was sent home.

So, did America get it right this week? Were the proper singers sent home?


BONUS: Demi Lovato also performed “Neon Lights” during the show. Watch now: