Tiny REFUTES Rumors About Releasing A Statement To Blogs Regarding TI/Floyd Mayweather BRAWL + Rick Ross INKS "Rich Forever" On His FACE + Texas Police INVESTIGATING Wiz Khalifa's Jail Selfie

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Tiny Harris posted a statement about the fight between Tip and Floyd Mayweather Jr.  Read it inside and get the latest on Rick Ross’ face tattoo and Wiz Khalifa’s jail selfie.


Tiny Harris is speaking out about the fight her husband T.I. had with boxer Floyd Mayweather in her own special way.  If you’re one of Tiny’s IG followers, you know she’s a big fan of posting Tweegrams to communicate her thoughts.  She usually uses this method of communication when there’s an issue between her and Tip.  Today she posted one that clearly dealt with the weekend fight and its aftermath.

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For the record, we’ve yet to hear Tiny’s version of the weekend.  We’ll keep you posted as the tweegrams come….


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Over the weekend, Rick Ross joined Gucci Mane, Lil’ Wayne and Birdman in the face tattoo club.  The “Aston Martin Music” rapper carved “Rich Forever” inside his beard and underneath his bottom lip. SMH…..was this a hit or miss?


In other rap foolery….

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Police in El Paso, Texas have opened an investigation into Wiz Khalifa and the selfie-he posted while in lockup for weed possession.  Cops want to know if Wiz snapped the pic himself or if one of the on-duty officers took the pic.  Either way, the picture violates the rule that inmates are NOT allowed to take pics in the jail with their phones.

Stay tuned…… 



Photos via Tiny’s IG/Rick Ross’s IG/Wiz Khalifa’s Twitter